• Manual stack wire
    Manual stack wire
    Machine function:
    Applicable to manual stacking in the laboratory
    Technical characteristics:

    1.Available in construction form of three-beam and four-column design, rotary servo type and C-type double stroke rotary servo press

    2.Closed loop control of pressure and displacement with high precision

  • Suitable for small batch stack stacking
    Suitable for small batch stack stacking
    Machine function:
    Suitable for small batch stacking production
    Technical characteristics:

    1.Six-axis manipulator stacking. Automatic stacking of membrane electrode and bipolar plate with high flexibility

    2.Stacking accuracy ± 0.2mm (excluding material deviation)

  • Suitable for large-batch stack production
    Suitable for large-batch stack production
    Machine function:
    Suitable for high-volume stacking production
    Technical characteristics:

    1.Achieve stacking with high speed and high precision .Takt can reach 3~4s/pcs, and the stacking accuracy is ±0.1mm (Material shape error is not included) 

    2.High degree of automation

  • System assembly line
    System assembly line
    Machine function:
    Suitable for fuel cell system assembly
    Technical characteristics:

    1.Precise material management, traceable production data, automatic assembly via robot

    2.Modular design and convenient for process adjustment

Program features
Assembly Solutions
Provide stack assemble solutions with different degrees of automation, according to customer requirements
Advanced air tightness detection
Integration of industry leading state-of-the-art airtight detection ; both mass flow method and pressure holding method available
High precision
Integration of external position limiting tooling for good accuracy