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Established in 2021, LHI is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wuxi Lead Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. and is committed to providing turnkey solutions for production line on hydrogen fuel cell and PEM electrolyzer and enabling global fuel cell industrialization. The provided production line solutions include: Upstream material production line - PEM coating equipment, GDL production line, carbon paper production line; production equipment - slurry manufacturing and coating, membrane electrode package, bipolar plate whole line integration, stack assembly and system line; testing equipment -High power stack test platform, high power system test platform and endurance test stand, etc.

Relying on its strong R&D, manufacturing and comprehensive service capabilities, LHI is able to provide customers with production process validation and equipment for lab line, pilot line and production line, and has already provided automatic fuel cell production lines for well-known domestic and foreign customers.

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Corporate History
  • 2018

    Lead established a BU for fuel cell business.

  • 2019

    Obtained fuel cells whole line order; successfully developed MEA package mass production line

  • 2020

    PEM, GDL material coating, 10KW-200KW stack and system test platform developed

  • 2021

    1. Successfully developed a new generation of metal bipolar plate welding machine 

    2. Redesignated as a business unit for hydrogen energy equipment, preparation for market entry into hydrogen fuel cells and PEM electrolyzer

    3. Developed CCM roll-to-roll double-sided direct coating equipment and verification

  • 2022

    1. Creation of LHI brand

    2. Launched new generation of slurry production equipment integrating mixing and grinding with successful application

    3. Developed PEM electrolyzer production equipment and obtained international orders

    4. Developed modular stack assembly equipment with increased accuracy and speed 

  • Corporate Culture
    • Vision
      To be a world leading hydrogen energy equipment manufacturer
    • Mission
      Drive a future fueled by hydrogen energy and enable customers and employees
    • Values
      customer-centric, devotion and diligence, integrity and pragmatism, selflessness and responsibility, innovation, focus, perfection, reputation, efficiency
    With intelligence and innovation, we work together with customers to achieve a green future fueled by hydrogen energy.

    Based on hydrogen energy equipment turnkey solutions, LHI is actively promoting industrialization process and the replacement of imported brands with domestic premium counterparts. 

    • Items of key technologies 50
    • Granted patents 197
    • Patent 31