• Stack test Station
    Stack test Station
    Machine function:
    The power range of the stack test bench is 100W~300KW, and it can be modularized as needed. It is suitable for fuel cell activation, performance testing, offline testing, and life testing.
    Technical characteristics:

    1. The response speed is fast, the measurement accuracy is high, and the modular configuration can be carried out on demand;

    2. Provide platform integration engineering services;

    3. Hydrogen Guide independently develops HyTest software with a full-stack architecture, which can establish a data link in the entire life cycle of the product based on all data in the testing process. It has become the mainstream stack offline test equipment on the market;

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  • System test Station
    System test Station
    Machine function:
    The power range of the system test bench is 50W~300KW, which can perform system safety test, functional performance test, system efficiency test, control strategy and algorithm verification test and other developmental tests.
    Technical characteristics:

    1. On-demand modular configuration

    2. Accurate measurement and control

    3. Stability and reliability design

    4. Manual and programmed automatic test function

    5. Professional testing software

    6. Multi-level security protection

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  • Life durability test Station
    Life durability test Station
    Machine function:
    Small volume: fast response to flow pressure
    Low heat capacity: fast response to water temperature
    Wet and Dry Mixing: Quick Response to Humidity
    One drag three: Asynchronous distribution significantly reduces costs
    Technical characteristics:

    1. Anode hydrogen cycle + pulse discharge, no humidification

    2. On-line switching between cathode humidification and dry gas

    3. Cathode heating and water separation

    4. Cathode humidification, one for three

    5. Hydrogen cycle anti-condensation

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