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Smart innovation and lean manufacturing, leading the global energy revolution progress
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Carbon-free technology supports hydrogen fueled future, achieving green and sustainable development
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Whole Line Planning
  • MEA Production Line
    MEA Production Line
    Provide whole line of machines required for membrane electrode preparation, helping customers to quickly improve production efficiency, and at the same time ensuring high quality coating &laminating precision, and yield rate up to 95% and more
    High Production Efficiency,High Coating Accuracy,High Lamination Accuracy
  • Bipolar Plate Production Line
    Bipolar Plate Production Line
    Provide whole line of machines for manufacturing of graphite and metal bipolar plate ;elimination of metal bipolar plate welding difficulties characterized by fast welding speed, good flatness with finished product OK rate of more than 99%.
    Fast welding speed, good flatness, high qualified rate of finished products
  • Stack System Assembly Line
    Stack System Assembly Line
    Automatic stacking executed via selection from six-axis robot, four-axis robot, two-axis module among others ; coupled with vision positioning system, fast stacking beat, high stacking accuracy achievable.
    Fast stacking rhythm,High stacking accuracy
  • Test Station
    Test Station
    Fast response time, high measurement accuracy, modular configuration on demand; self-developed HyTest® software with full-stack architecture, data chain for product lifecycle based on testing data
    Fast response time High measurement accuracy Customized on demand
  • Electrolyzer test station
    Electrolyzer test station
    Fast response; High measurement accuracy; Customized modular configuration. LHI independently developed HyTest software with a full-stack architecture, establishing a data link throughout entire life cycle based on the test data.
    Fast response,High measurement accuracy,On-demand modular configuration
  • Stack assembly line
    Stack assembly line
    Stacking speed: 8s/pcs Stacking accuracy: ±0.25mm Production capacity: 2000MW/year
    Non-destructive picking,Frame pressurizing,High efficiency in air leakage test
  • MEA production line
    MEA production line
    Provide the whole-line equipment for MEA production, including mixing, coating, decaling, and sealing. LHI has successfully improved the uniformity of large-area catalyst decaling, and reduced air bubbles in sealing process.
    High coating accuracy,High fitting accuracy, High yield
  • Anode Coating Machine
    Anode Coating Machine
  • New Generation Five-in-One
    New Generation Five-in-One
  • Hytest High Power Stack Test Station
    Hytest High Power Stack Test Station
Anode Coating Machine
Key Equipments
Anode Coating Machine
Adopt slit extrusion coating method, special vacuum adsorption and in-situ drying technology to suppress anode coating film swelling and direct coating of anode catalytic layer.
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News Center

Good News | LHI was certified as "National High-tech Enterprise"

Science is an important intrinsic driving force for development. A high-tech enterprise is an economic entity that is knowledge-intensive and technology-intensive in the "national key support for high...
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Good News | LHI won the "First Prize of Jiangsu Machinery Industry Science and Technology Progress Award".

Recently, Jiangsu Machinery Industry Association released the "2023 Jiangsu Machinery Industry Science and Technology Progress Award Award Project List Announcement", and the project "Hydrogen Fuel Ce...
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Overseas breakthrough: LHI 2000MW electrolytic cell stacking line was successfully delivered to a Fortune 500 customer.

In October 2023, the PEM electrolyzer stacking complete line developed by LHI, a subsidiary of LEAD, was officially delivered to a Fortune 500 head customer. This production line is the largest overse...
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2023 Hydrogen Conductive Intelligent LHI Exhibition Preview

2023 China International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Industry ExhibitionLocation: Chaoyang Hall 1A66, China International Exhibition Center, BeijingDate: March 28-30, 2023Japan Smart Energy Week FC Exhibit...
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LHI Signed A Strategic Cooperation Agreement With Hytekocean

On December 30, LHI signed strategic cooperation agreement with Hytekocean. Chen Rui, CEO of Hytekocean, Shao Meng, general manager of LHI, signed the agreement on behalf of both parties. Ye Dejun, Zh...
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Tribute To The Hydrogen Era | LHI Won“Annual Product Power Award” And The “Top 50 Fuel Cell Industry ”

During December 13rd-15th, the 2022 TrandBank Hydrogen&Fuel Cell Annual Meeting was held in Ningbo. As the largest supplier of hydrogen energy equipment solutions in China, LHI has won serveral indust...
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Hydrogen Guide Intelligent undertakes the National Standards Review Meeting of the National Fuel Cell and Flow Battery Standards Committee

Recently, the National Standard Review Meeting of the National Fuel Cell and Flow Battery Standards Committee hosted by Hydrogen Guide was held in Wuxi. Chen Lin, Deputy Director of Wuxi Development and Reform Commission, Chairman of the National Fuel Cell and Flow Battery Standards Committee, Chairman of the China Electrical Equipment Industry Association Fuel Cell Summit, and hundreds of experts from upstream and downstream enterprises, major universities, and related research institutes Leaders attend the meeting.
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The country's first hydrogen energy industry development plan was released! Pioneering the future of hydrogen energy

Recently, my country's "Medium and Long-Term Plan for the Development of Hydrogen Energy Industry (2021-2035)" was released, which once again pushed the development of hydrogen energy to a new height. The plan points out that hydrogen energy is an important part of the future national energy system, and an important carrier for energy-using terminals to achieve green and low-carbon transformation. By 2035, my country will form a...
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Pioneer Intelligence Appears Again on CCTV News Network

Recently, CCTV's "News Network" focused on the advancement of major engineering projects in various places and reported on the Ordos Zero-Carbon Industrial Park in Inner Mongolia. With the advancement of the camera, the leading intelligent intelligent equipment appeared on the scene, showing the production scene of high-end equipment in my country's new energy manufacturing, harvesting A lot of praise.
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Leading hydrogen energy equipment helps green hydrogen energy enter the Winter Olympics!

As the Year of the Tiger begins, the Beijing Winter Olympics has stunned the world with its grand opening and attracted much attention. "Green Olympics" is a major feature of this Winter Olympics. The concept and practice of low-carbon and environmental protection have been widely praised at home and abroad. Among them, the "hydrogen energy travel" of the Winter Olympics is the world's largest hydrogen fuel cell vehicle and hydrogen infrastructure...
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Pilot hydrogen fuel cell equipment won the provincial first (set) major equipment certification

Recently, the evaluation results of the first (set) major equipment in Jiangsu Province in 2021 were announced, and the leading intelligent "LHMFA015A Fuel Cell Membrane Electrode Roll-to-Roll Packaging Complete Equipment" was on the list. The first (set) major equipment in Jiangsu Province is recognized by the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, and the performance or core technical indicators of the equipment are required to meet the domestic leading...
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The pilot hydrogen energy project won the first prize of China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award

Recently, the evaluation results of the 2021 China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award were officially announced, and the project "Precision Design, Manufacturing and Industrialization of High-Power Hydrogen Fuel Cell Stacks for Vehicles" participated by Pioneer won the first prize in the category of scientific and technological progress. China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award, awarded by China Machinery Industry Federation and China Mechanical Engineering...
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Pioneer Intelligence and JieHydrogen Technology signed a strategic cooperation agreement

On August 23, Pioneer Intelligence and JieHydrogen Technology signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Lu Bingbing, general manager of JieHydrogen Technology, and Wang Yanqing, chairman of Pioneer Intelligence, signed on behalf of both parties. Zhang Jianshi, deputy general manager of JieHydrogen Technology, Dr. Shi Weiyu, director of the stack development department, and Dr. Shao Meng, general manager of Hydrogendao Intelligence, attended the event and witnessed the signing ceremony.
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Pioneer Smart Hard Core Delivers JieHydrogen Technology Fuel Cell Stack Project

Jiangsu Hydrogen Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hydrogen Intelligent"), a subsidiary of Pioneer Intelligence, undertook the whole line project of Jiehydro Technology's fuel cell stack. After only four months, it successfully entered the trial production stage, and refreshed the delivery of the production line again. top speed.
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