• MPL slurry making
    MPL slurry making
    Machine function:
    Applicable to the preparation of MPL slurry
    Technical characteristics:

    1.Large preparation capacity, dozens of liters of slurry can be prepared at one time

    2.The pentagonal design of the mixing paddle is precisely cast with high-strength steel  for, with high strength, high precision and small deformation

  • GDL coating Machine
    GDL coating Machine
    Machine function:
    Suitable for coating microporous layer on carbon paper to form GDL.
    Technical characteristics:

    1.High accuracy of coating backing roll with a runout of≤ 1.5 μ m.

    2.Tension control accuracy ≤± 2N.

    3.High uniformity of oven temperature, ≤± 2 ℃.

    4.Optional high temperature oven with a maximum temperature of 350 ℃.

    5.The oven can adopt clam type, upper and lower separation type to facilitate internal cleaning. 

  • Carbon paper impregnating Machine
    Carbon paper impregnating Machine
    Machine function:
    It is suitable for impregnating carbon paper and coating the microporous layer on carbon paper to form GDL.
    Technical characteristics:

    1.The impregnating solution is automatically configured and recycled, with high precision, ≤ 1%. The solution concentration is automatically monitored, and the accuracy of the separate flowmeter is 0.2%.

    2.Vertical oven drying is adopted to reduce the influence of gravity on the concentration of impregnating solution on both sides of carbon paper and improve consistency.

    3.Equipped with carbon paper automatic taping system for reduction of manual operation and has good taping strength. The taping material has high temperature resistance and high temperature resistance of 400℃.

Program features
Suitable for GDL and GDE preparation
Customer delivery successful stories available