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Tribute To The Hydrogen Era | LHI Won“Annual Product Power Award” And The “Top 50 Fuel Cell Industry ”

During December 13rd-15th, the 2022 TrandBank Hydrogen&Fuel Cell Annual Meeting was held in Ningbo. As the largest supplier of hydrogen energy equipment solutions in China, LHI has won serveral industry awards, including the "Annual Product Power Award", the "Annual Emerging Talent Award", the "Top 50 Fuel Cell Industry", and the "Top 10 Hydrogen Energy Production and Test Equipment". The efforts and achievements made by LHI in driving the green, low-carbon and sustainable development of the hydrogen energy industry were highly recognized by the industry. General Manager Shao Meng and his team were invited to the discussion of the development and strategic layout of the global hydrogen energy industry.


During the meeting, Mr. Zhou Defei, Sales Vice president delivered a speech titled "Promoting efficient and intelligent manufacturing of hydrogen production equipment with high-tech", and participated in a roundtable discussion, sharing with the industry the main difficulties facing the hydrogen energy equipment industry in PEM production line and test station, as well as LHI solutions.


Mr.Zhou said: LHI is committed to providing turnkey solutions for production line on hydrogen fuel cell and PEM electrolyzer and test station lines, adhering to the strong R&D, production and comprehensive service capabilities accumulated in 20 years by the group's parent company “Lead”.

LHI is able to provide customers with production process validation and equipment for lab line, pilot line and production line, and has already provided automatic fuel cell production lines for well-known domestic and foreign customers.

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At the same time, LHI abandons the traditional concept of Party A & Party B, takes technology and process optimization as the common goal, and deeply discusses customized solutions with customers, so as to ensure that every product put into the market can create stable and sustainable growth value for customers and even the industry.

At the closing ceremony, Shao Meng, general manager, delivered an important speech as the honored guest: "As first-goers in the field of hydrogen energy, I believe it is no accident that we join in this revolution together. As pioneers in the industry, there must be no easy road waiting for us. At the beginning of the industry, we have encountered a lot of setbacks, but it will not shake our determination, but encourage us forward with no stop.”

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With the introduction of the first national hydrogen energy development plan, hydrogen energy technology, platform and talent construction plans have been put on the national strategic deployment, we have witnessed the launch of 300Kw high-power stack, and the full chain of "production, storage and transportation", we have seen a ray of light in China's hydrogen energy. Hydrogen energy is the future. We should fulfill our mission and work together to reach it." Dr. Shao Meng said.

In recent years, LHI has made breakthroughs in many products, many of our stand-alone’ performance parameters are leading in the industry, always walking in the forefront of the industry. Especially in the product layout, not only has excellent performance of the core single machine, but also has the comprehensive strength of the whole line integration, constructing the most extensive coverage, the most complete product line of solutions.

Take the test line as an example. At the beginning of its establishment, LHI established the earliest test station team in the industry, successfully delivered 20Kw cold start stack test station, 200Kw stack test station and durability test station. In 2022, LHI made a breakthrough in obtaining the first 450Kw system test station order. High-power system test bench is extremely difficult in R&D. In order to match high-power fuel cell system, the test equipment needs stable and reliable temperature control ability, accurate and rapid large-flow gas back pressure control and rapid and stable high-power heat dissipation control.

After years of study and iteration, LHI Hytest production line has systematically improved its appearance in safety and reliability, greatly improve the convenience of operation, in the future will further improve its performance and function optimization of the test product line.


Technology leading, efficient operation, production generation, pre-research generation. LHI will continue to focus on customer demand, make continuous progress in the core technologies and key processes of hydrogen energy, strive to optimize the functions of upstream equipment, promote the greater autonomy and control of downstream processes and materials, and strongly promote the vigorous development of the whole industry chain of hydrogen energy.