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Hydrogen Guide Intelligent undertakes the National Standards Review Meeting of the National Fuel Cell and Flow Battery Standards Committee

Recently, the National Standard Review Meeting of the National Fuel Cell and Flow Battery Standards Committee hosted by Hydrogen Guide was held in Wuxi. Chen Lin, Deputy Director of Wuxi Development and Reform Commission, Chairman of the National Fuel Cell and Flow Battery Standards Committee, Chairman of the China Electrical Equipment Industry Association Fuel Cell Summit, and hundreds of experts from upstream and downstream enterprises, major universities, and related research institutes Leaders attend the meeting.



Chen Lin, deputy director of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, delivered a speech at the conference, deeply thanked the bidding committee for its strong role in promoting the standardization of the fuel cell industry. Exploration and thinking in the field of batteries.

Standards are an important way to ensure the healthy, stable and sustainable development of the industry. This meeting mainly conducted in-depth discussions on the "General Technical Conditions for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Stacks", which stipulates the safety and performance requirements of proton exchange membrane fuel cell stacks. , inspection items, test methods, etc., are of great significance for promoting the integration of my country's fuel cell technology with international standards.

As a member of the National Fuel Cell and Flow Battery Standardization Committee, Hydrogen Guide Intelligence has always closely cooperated with the association's deployment and actively participated in the formulation and review of national and industry standards. Focusing on technologies such as membrane electrode MEA five-in-one equipment, bipolar plate preparation line, CCM double-sided coating, stack and system test bench, etc., which are concerned by the industry, Hydrogen Guide Intelligence has increased its investment in independent research and development, and created a batch of industry-leading technologies. The unique hydrogen energy core technology and equipment has been widely recognized by committee units.


Under the guidance of the Bidding Committee, Hydrogen Guide Intelligence looks forward to working together with all members to continuously improve the construction of the hydrogen energy industry standard system with a more comprehensive and international vision and position, and promote the development of hydrogen energy to a higher level. .