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Pioneer Smart Hard Core Delivers JieHydrogen Technology Fuel Cell Stack Project

Jiangsu Hydrogen Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hydrogen Intelligent"), a subsidiary of Pioneer Intelligence, undertook the whole line project of Jiehydro Technology's fuel cell stack. After only four months, it successfully entered the trial production stage, and refreshed the delivery of the production line again. top speed.

HYDRO focuses on the R&D and manufacturing of high-end equipment for hydrogen fuel cells. The stack production line built for JieHydrogen Technology is an innovative result of in-depth exchanges and collaboration between the two parties. The precision control system realizes the multiple improvement of the stacking speed of the fuel cell, the stacking cycle of the production line reaches 4s/pcs, and at the same time of high speed, it ensures the high precision and high consistency of the stacking of the equipment, and realizes the high-level operation of the intelligent production line. , representing the highest technical level of stack manufacturing in the field of hydrogen fuel.


With its technical background in the field of fuel cell stacks and professional accumulation of intelligent manufacturing, Hydrogen Conductive Intelligence helps customers to comprehensively improve the automation level of production lines. In this cooperation, Hydrogen Guide pioneered the fully automated integrated shell stacking and packaging system in China to help customers achieve automatic stacking and packaging of high-power stacks and provide support for their further expansion of production scale.

At the beginning of the project, Hydrogen quickly formed a professional team, increased overall coordination, and made every effort to ensure the customer's stack loading verification plan. With mature technical reserves and a strong supply chain system, the company has ensured the steady progress of the project despite the repeated epidemics in the Yangtze River Delta region. The equipment acceptance and delivery were completed within three months of winning the bid, and the factory commissioning was completed in only one month. A qualified product went offline, fully demonstrating the hard-core delivery strength of Hydrogen as an industry leader.

It is not the first time that Hydrogen Intelligent and Jie Hydrogen Technology have cooperated. Before that, Hydrogen has successively provided mass production MEA packaging lines, pulping equipment and stack system assembly and testing equipment for it. With excellent technology and delivery The hard power has been highly praised by the other party, laying a solid foundation for the continuous deepening of cooperation between the two parties in the future.


At present, the company has established a solid cooperative relationship with mass-produced TOP customers in the field of hydrogen fuel cells, and has become a well-deserved pioneer in the hydrogen energy equipment market. In the future, Hydrogen will continue to lead the upgrading of hydrogen fuel equipment technology and contribute to accelerating the rapid development of the hydrogen fuel industry.