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Leading hydrogen energy equipment helps green hydrogen energy enter the Winter Olympics!

As the Year of the Tiger begins, the Beijing Winter Olympics has stunned the world with its grand opening and attracted much attention. "Green Olympics" is a major feature of this Winter Olympics. The concept and practice of low-carbon and environmental protection have been widely praised at home and abroad. Among them, the "hydrogen energy travel" of the Winter Olympics is the world's largest hydrogen fuel cell vehicle and one of the hydrogen energy infrastructure demonstration projects.


Hydrogen energy is the cleanest and most efficient new energy source. In this Winter Olympics, more than 1,000 fuel cell vehicles have been demonstrated and operated, and more than 700 hydrogen fueled buses have been put into use. Independence, showing the world the broad application prospects of hydrogen fuel cells. Behind these achievements, there are countless innovative wisdoms of "Made in China". Among them, Pioneer Intelligence, as the world's leading supplier of hydrogen energy equipment, provides high-efficiency solutions for the entire line of hydrogen energy fuel cell equipment. Most of the hydrogen energy stack systems are produced by leading equipment, put into hydrogen energy vehicles, and head to the hydrogen energy era together.


According to statistics, by 2030, the size of China's fuel cell vehicle market will reach 500 billion, and the size of the vehicle fuel cell market will reach 120 billion. Perhaps in the near future, hydrogen energy will enter our lives.


Since its deployment in the field of hydrogen energy fuel cells, the leading hydrogen energy equipment team has actively promoted the industrialization process of the industry and replaced imports with domestic high-end equipment based on the solution of the whole line of hydrogen energy battery equipment, and has achieved rich research and development results in multiple core process directions. Up to now, more than 50 core technologies have been formed, more than 200 patents have been applied for, and 123 authorized, including 12 invention patents and 110 utility models, and won the first prize of China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award for creative technological innovation. , Jiangsu Province's first (set) major equipment certification, China's hydrogen power industry chain localization outstanding contribution award and other awards.


Achieving "carbon neutrality" is not only the goal of the Beijing Winter Olympics, but also the development goal of the international community. In this context, Pioneer Intelligence will promote the industrialization of hydrogen fuel cells with higher-end and more intelligent whole-line solutions progress, help accelerate global energy innovation, and make greater contributions to the global "carbon neutrality" cause.


The whole line solution of leading intelligent hydrogen energy equipment


As the world's leading new energy equipment manufacturing service provider, Pioneer Intelligence deploys the new energy industry with a forward-looking vision. In the hydrogen fuel cell sector, Pioneer Intelligence has established a high-level R&D team that integrates multiple disciplines. The high-end talents of well-known colleges and universities are composed of high-end talents, including 14.67% of master and doctoral students, 78.52% of 985/211 college personnel, and 56.67% of middle and senior professional titles, which have injected strong impetus into the innovation and development of the pioneering hydrogen energy business.

After more than three years of technology research and development, Pioneer Smart has successfully opened up all the links of hydrogen fuel cell manufacturing, including hydrogen production equipment, membrane MEA production line (slurry preparation, CCM/GDL coating & transfer, MEA five-in-one / seven-in-one One packaging, off-line testing), BPP whole line integration (molding, dispensing, sealing ring preparation, curing oven, welding, testing, etc.), PEM preparation (pulping, coating), GDL preparation (pulping, hydrophobicity, etc.) processing, MPL coating, sintering), Stack high-precision automated assembly line, SYSTEM final assembly, Stack/System test activation platform, etc., has become a powerful supplier of hydrogen fuel cell equipment complete line solutions, and its market share is far ahead.