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The country's first hydrogen energy industry development plan was released! Pioneering the future of hydrogen energy

Recently, my country's "Medium and Long-Term Plan for the Development of Hydrogen Energy Industry (2021-2035)" was released, which once again pushed the development of hydrogen energy to a new height. The plan points out that hydrogen energy is an important part of the future national energy system and an important carrier for energy-using terminals to achieve green and low-carbon transformation. By 2035, my country will form a diversified hydrogen energy application ecosystem covering transportation, energy storage, industry and other fields. .


In order to strengthen the interpretation of the hydrogen energy industry plan, on March 24, CCTV broadcast the release of the first hydrogen energy industry development plan How does hydrogen energy change life? " program, to answer how hydrogen energy can help future life, how hydrogen energy is generated, how to produce hydrogen in a green way, and key issues in the hydrogen energy industry. In the program, the whole line of leading intelligent hydrogen fuel cell equipment appeared again.


As an important member of the hydrogen energy industry chain, Pioneer Intelligence is committed to providing customers with overall solutions for hydrogen fuel cells. Since entering the field of hydrogen energy equipment, Pioneer has focused on cutting-edge technologies in the industry, continued to invest in research and development, made major breakthroughs in a number of core technology fields, and developed a number of industry-leading hydrogen fuel cell and PEM electrolyzer production lines. The energy industrialization process and the realization of the future hydrogen energy society.


Green hydrogen production leading intelligence to help green hydrogen low-carbon society


Hydrogen energy is the cleanest energy in the 21st century. In the era of hydrogen energy, large-scale hydrogen production is the basis for realizing a hydrogen energy society. According to the China Hydrogen Energy Alliance, by 2030, China's hydrogen demand will reach 35 million tons. At present, hydrogen production mainly relies on industrial by-product hydrogen and electrolytic cell hydrogen production. Among them, PEM electrolytic cell hydrogen production technology has high operating current density, low energy consumption, and high hydrogen production pressure, and is currently one of the mainstream schemes for hydrogen production from water electrolysis. First, it is also an important direction for the industry to focus on.


As the world's leading new energy equipment service provider, Pioneer Intelligence has profound technical accumulation in the fields of photovoltaic, energy storage, hydrogen energy and other equipment. In the "light-storage-hydrogen" integrated industry chain, the leading photovoltaic production line equipment can continuously convert solar energy into electrical energy in a low-carbon emission manner; the leading lithium battery equipment can help energy storage companies quickly and stably store electrical energy At the same time, Pioneer has independently developed a PEM electrolyzer production line, which can produce high-efficiency "green hydrogen" from wind energy and solar energy through the PEM electrolyzer, and greatly reduce carbon emissions.


The country's heavy weapon pilot independently researches and develops key technologies for hydrogen energy equipment


Hydrogen energy equipment is an important part of the process of hydrogen energy industrialization. After years of development, leading intelligence has developed from membrane electrode (MEA) preparation, bipolar plate (BPP) production line, proton exchange membrane (PEM) preparation, gas diffusion layer ( GDL) preparation, stack (STACK) high-precision automated assembly, system (SYSTEM) assembly to Stack/System test activation, water electrolysis stack production and testing equipment and other fields have made continuous breakthroughs, providing industry-leading hydrogen energy equipment and testing. solution.


Pioneer Intelligence does not forget its original intention, overcomes difficulties, and strives to be the leader in the global hydrogen energy equipment intelligent manufacturing industry. In the future, we are eager to lead the global hydrogen energy equipment reform, promote the global fuel cell industrialization process, and open a new era of energy technology!